Re Horse Safari in Rajasthan: Jane Nasmyth, Equestrian Trainer, Hampshire

"It was a privilege to ride these special and unique Marwari horses, and over such a colourful and varied landscape so full of history. The camp is excellent - you could want for nothing more. Everything is thought of down to the very last detail. Truly royal camping.“


Re Bespoke Holiday in Goa : Jamie Mcartney, Finance Manager, London

“I have been to Goa many times before and have been happy to let the days go by doing very little. This year however, thanks to KOKOindia’s knowledge of the area and all the excellent recommendations, we did something different every day - but without it being remotely tiring or pressurised. Whether it was yoga, boat trips, visiting a new beach, having amazing massages, getting drenched on the back of an elephant or just eating in a different fabulous restaurant every night, everything went extremely smoothly - which is quite a feat in India! I thoroughly recommend it!”


Re Maharajah Homestay in Kutch : Lindy Ragan, retired, Manchester

“I had never done a Home Stay before, let alone a royal one, and couldn’t believe how down to earth and friendly the family were. I got such a warm hearted welcome, that I felt immediately at home. Nothing was too much trouble for them! We visited places most tourists never get to see, and to do so with the royal family themselves made it an unforgettable experience.”


Re Desert/Ocean Holiday : Simon Benge, Teacher, Auckland

“Having done a fair bit of independent travelling before, we decided to take the pressure off ourselves on our first trip to India and contacted KOKOindia. We asked them to suggest and arrange a trip that would give us a good initial look at the country, along with some much needed beach time. It’s definitely an experience we would repeat – they really delivered, and we are now reconsidering our whole independent traveller strategy! Being greeted at the airport and dropped off to pre-booked (and amazing!) accommodation was a treat, as was the excellent restaurant advice. It’s so much easier when you find a company who are exactly on your wavelength – it definitely saves the guess work and dodgy out of date guide book recommendations.
Thanks for everything guys! India is the most incredible country and we only scratched the surface - we’re looking forward to more trips with you in the future! “


Re Maharajah Homestay in Jhalawar : Michelle Scott , retired, Victoria

“I loved how the whole travel experience was organised and set up for me - especially. being picked up and taken between airport and train station etc. It is definitely not my usual style of travel, but then that was the whole point - for the experience to be a treat, and a treat it was. I truly loved my stay with the Maharajah at Virendra Bhawan and cried real tears when I left. I arrived a stranger, was treated like a princess and left family behind when I departed. It was truly marvellous. I cannot thank you enough for all the understanding you showed with the arrangements - I certainly couldn't have done it without you.”