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“The most exhilarating way of seeing rural India is on horseback
through the land of the Maharajahs"


*Voted by the Daily Telegraph as one of the
Top Ten Riding Holidays in the World*



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Experience the thrill of crossing Rajasthan's most dramatic landscapes on the magnificent battle horses of India. Replicating the style of Royal Hunts in the Moghul and British Raj era, you will begin your trip in the grand surroundings of a Kothi, before setting off cross-country with our deluxe Royal Camps. Our extensive experience and warm hospitality will ensure you one of the finest horse riding adventures in the world.


Your trail begins at the family’s ancestral home and country seat, the Roop Niwas Kothi, where you can spend a few days relaxing and putting your chosen horse through its paces. We offer our guests a rare opportunity to choose from over fifty well bred and schooled Marwari, Kathiawari and Sindhi horses - lean built, spirited and intelligent, these are some of the best endurance horses in the world. The Kothi has a swimming pool and pretty gardens, and there are opportunities to explore both the local countryside and the fascinating nearby town of Nawalgarh.





Your genial hosts are Bhanwar Devendra Singh and Durga Singh, whose distinguished family held a Chiefship under the Maharajah of Jaipur and who have kept horses for hundreds of years. They have a wealth of wonderful stories and knowledge to share around the campfire, and are a big reason why their guests choose to return year after year.


As in the Moghul and Raj eras, the deluxe Royal Camps are organised by a large retinue of attendants and are complete with colourful oriental tents, musicians, masseurs and expert chefs. Your journey will take you across unspoilt desert terrain to experience the rich cultural heritage of Rajasthan – from the colourful nomadic tribespeople and their villages, to splendid hunting lodges and forts. You will also pay a visit to one of Rajasthan’s most fascinating cities, and your trail will come to an end at either a Wildlife Reserve or one of the famous Horse or Camel Fairs.


If you are interested in including a private safari as part of your Indian holiday, or if you would like to make an exclusive group booking (a minimum of two riders and a maximum of twelve), feel free to email us using this link. Please note that in order to enjoy these safaris, you need to be fit and a confident rider at all paces and on all terrains. Our safaris are also open to non-riders, who may share in the experience by 4WD Jeep. Camel Safaris with programmes of two-fourteen days are also available.


KOKOindia is a specialist travel company and we will be delighted to help you create the bespoke holiday of a lifetime – just let us know your dates of travel and which parts of magical India you would like to discover.







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