Indian Food Tastes Better With Your Fingers

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Not only does India offer some of the best food in the entire world, it also gives you full permission to enjoy the sensation of eating it with your fingers. It is quite commonplace in most restaurants but if you are lucky enough to be invited to an Indian home for dinner, you will invariably be expected to eat with your fingers. Although this may seem a little daunting to begin with, it is surprisingly easy. Here are a few tips to get you started.


Mind Over Matter

Remember , Indian food is designed to be eaten with your hands. Over one billion people can’t be wrong. Just think of all those different yummy breads for wrapping round chunks of meat or soaking up masala gravies. It’s the best way to combine different types of Indian food together, and to earn gratifying nods of respect from your fellow Indian diners. It’s a cultural breakthrough.

If your spice levels can handle it, we recommend diving into your local Dhaba for some practice. Dhabas are roadside restaurants found all over India where traditional food is served in a very informal atmosphere. They are usually very cheap too, so you can splash out (or splash on) a number of different dishes during your practice sessions. Lurking in a booth at the back of a Dhaba is the ideal way to spy on everyone else’s technique.

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The Lake Palace of Bal Samand

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allergy helvetica, shop sans-serif;">Bush Patel drew on his 30 gauge Uzi cigar, apoplectic and exhaled a big cloud of smoke from under his Fedora hat. I had inadvertently found myself having dinner with a Gujarati-style Bugsy Malone, his loud voice ringing out across the elegant Bal Samand Palace garden restaurant in beautiful Jodhpur, Rajasthan. Born in Nairobi to Indian parents, Bush Patel was a brash, monied entrepreneur who had found his fortune in the States. He had returned to India to find a palace hotel for his daughter’s forthcoming marriage - and had sure chosen a classy venue.


I listened to boasts of lavish Indian wedding plans as an attentive team of waiters served up delicious house specialties from the open air Kebab House kitchen. There are three restaurants at Bal Samand Palace, but even in the chilly night air the al fresco option was the best. Guests cosied up to individual wood burning fires set against a back drop of torch lit lawns and a glittering starry sky. Mr Patel paused to inhale on his gigantic cigar, and I heard the unmistakable hubbub of happy diners.


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From London to Goa - A New Life

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asthma helvetica,sans-serif; color: #ffffff;">My son was born in an old Portuguese-style villa in Assagao, a natural waterbirth lit atmospherically by candlelight during one of the night’s many power cuts. Perhaps the most magical moment of my entire life was returning home to Palolem with my baby, gently carrying him through the palm grove to our little house and feeling overwhelmed by the sheer beauty of where we lived. We spent three years living there, a blissful blur of sunny afternoons playing in the sand and basking in the warm shallows of the Arabian Sea.


Raising a child and running a business in a foreign land is naturally not without its challenges. Establishing a business in Goa can be pretty tough, and the nuances of operating in such a wholly different workplace need to be respected and understood. Those who travel do so to explore new cultures and to experience a different way of life, but to actually carve out a whole new life in a foreign country remains a constant process of learning and adapting. This in itself is hugely exciting, if a little scary at times.


Three years in Palolem was long enough to live in the little beach house. It became more and more hemmed in by bamboo shacks, making this very much a temporary and seasonal village. It sprang up in November and vanished in April, amidst a deafening bout of hammering. The power cuts back then were far more frequent than the actual power itself. To be plunged into sudden darkness, or to lose precious access to the internet when sitting down to tackle a mountain of work, became a frustrating part of everyday life.

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Welcome to KOKOindia

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