KOKOindia takes great pride in our extensive knowledge of Rajasthan’s most impressive locations and best kept secrets. All four corners of this vast and colourful state offer a variety of different attractions . Whether you prefer an exciting whirlwind tour of the region’s most famous and fascinating cities, or a more relaxed pace taking in a few specially chosen destinations, we will help you design your dream holiday.


Simply let us know what you love doing most and we will put together a tailor made itinerary for you with some seriously stylish transport and accommodation options. Do you imagine yourself wandering happily around medieval market towns bartering for jewels and spices, or would you prefer to be tiger spotting at sunrise in some of India’s most beautiful wildlife reserves? Does your vision of India see you revelling in the luxury of a royal suite at a five star palace hotel, or sleeping under a canopy of stars on a deluxe Camel Safari? Or are you looking for a fascinating ‘masala’ mix of all of the above?






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