KOKOindia is one of India’s most exciting travel companies, purchase specialising in unique, generic boutique and bespoke holidays. It was established by Joanna Lester-George, an English woman who long ago fell in love with the beautiful craziness of India and has been delighted to call it her home since 2006. After lots of adventures backpacking around the world in her glorious misspent youth, Joanna went onto flashpack enthusiastically as a thirty-something until she felt dizzy and had to stop.


On her global travels Joanna met many people who were keen to visit India but felt daunted by the prospect of planning a trip themselves. Being herded on and off a coach with a bunch of other tourists is rarely the independent (and discerning) traveller’s cup of chai, but there didn’t seem to be many other alternatives available. Joanna was subsequently inspired to set up KOKOindia - a dedicated travel service offering people the chance to design their own ‘dream holiday.’


“As a specialist travel company based in India, we are a far cry from the usual anonymous travel desks or formulaic guide books. In fact, the ethos of KOKOindia is to plan each holiday as if it were for a family friend. The focus is on great personal recommendations and attention to detail. We know from first-hand experience how important impartial advice and shared experiences can be, especially for those travelling alone or with young children. I regularly travel around India with my six year old son Xavier to discover special locations. It’s a joy for me to share these incredible places and their people.


The emphasis is on offering our guests the chance to experience India at its very best - with style, safety, originality and comfort. These essential ingredients are impossible to access when attempting to navigate such a vast, unpredictable and extraordinary country online. We cater to your personal taste and individual needs - from friends travelling in a group to single families and honeymooners.


Our aim is to take away all the uncertainties and help you find exactly what you are looking for in your trip to India. Your holiday should be a rich reward.”


*Joanna currently lives (very) happily in south Goa with her son Xavier. Amongst other exciting projects, she is also a Travel Writer for various travel guides and magazines, and a Destination Expert for Rajasthan for the international website about travelling with children, SevenSuitcases.com.


For inspiration on some of our exciting holidays please take a look at our website, or please feel free to click on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your enquiries.


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